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Tiger of Sweden Fall Winter 2018 pressrelease

Tiger of Sweden Fall Winter 2018 pressrelease

Stockholm’s Filmhuset forms the backdrop for the Tiger of Sweden Fall/ Winter 2018 collection. Alongside the rolling fields of Gärdet just next to it, the building stands out against the sky with its radical architecture. Some would call it brutalist, we would rather describe it as humanist. However it is what goes on inside this building that truly matters. It was built as a haven for the art of film-making, filled with cinemas, production companies, costume rooms, a library, set-designs, studios and more.

Entrepreneur and cultural magnate, Harry Schein dreamt up the film reform of the 1960s, which became Sweden’s golden era for Cinema. He convinced both the government and commercial forces to finance not only films for wider audiences, but also niche pieces for the alternative audience. This laid the foundation for the Swedish Film Institute and culminated with the Filmhuset; a building dreamt up by Harry Schein and Peter Celsing – two of Sweden’s most prominent architects and a force that shaped modern Stockholm. The final result pays homage to the art of cinema with subtle yet playful references, such as the stairs that look like an unravelled roll of film and elevator doors that are reminiscent of make up mirrors.

It was at Filmhuset’s Studio 1 that Ingmar Bergman filmed his masterpiece, “Fanny and Alexander”. This was the most expensive Swedish film of all time, so costly that it used up the Film Institute’s entire annual budget. In this capacity, no other artist has shaped the idea of Sweden on the international stage like Ingmar Bergman. His prolific career includes over sixty films, most of which he wrote himself. Perhaps Bergman would never have reached his international fame without the generous funding of the Institute. Filmhuset radiates the special kind of energy of a building that knows its place in history.

Through this, we built a story, a script if you will, around the building, the people that populated it and the golden era of Swedish film. It is a story about courage and a complete unwillingness to compromise. It is a story about craftsmanship and an almost obsessive attention to detail. But above all, it is a story about creativity – a type of creativity that has been the very definition of Tiger of Sweden since its founding in 1903.

Christoffer Lundman
Creative Director, Tiger of Sweden
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