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Women Spring Summer 2018 (18 assets)

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Tiger of Sweden Woman SS18

In a world full of chaos and in a time of transit the Tiger of Sweden Woman channels a positive feeling of faith, hope and love for Spring/Summer 2018.

Communication is key and communication through symbols is universal, no matter where you come from or what language you speak. Together with the illustrators Parasto Backman and Hanne Lindberg, we made a new version of the faith, hope and love symbol. The symbol appears on patched jackets, printed sweaters and in a jacquard-woven suit.

When you encounter the collection the first thing you see is the diversity of expressive fabrics. Shiny nylon, sheer metallic coatings and new types of wrinkled fabrics that gives shirts, tops, dresses and outerwear a more distinctive expression. An expression that’s far from retro. The feeling and tactility of every garment is important. The shapes in the collection are curved, round and voluminous. Especially on tops, shirts and trousers, but it also comes through in the suiting. Although the blazers have strong shoulders the feeling is curved and feminine. A modern way of power suiting. It’s the delicate versus the hard that speaks.

The neutral colours for the season move from black to different shades of grey and blue accented by a forest green, seashell pink and dandelion yellow. Except for the new faith, hope and love symbol, the prints and patterns for the season are different kind of stripes and two kinds of all-over prints: a rough grey print that makes you think of slate and a multi-coloured artistic print inspired by modern pottery.

“We have always worked with volume but in long-lined, straight silhouettes and we want to move forward. The round curved shapes feel important for the spring and it gives the traditional and stiff garments that we love from the men’s wardrobe a softer and more updated look. It’s sophisticated, comfortable and is made for women who dare to take space everywhere in life. As a contrast to the soft, curved and voluminous shapes we have used a lot of new types of wrinkled fabrics for a rougher, deeper and slightly futuristic look. We have given it more character.” says Els-Marie Enbuske and Karin Fritz, designers Tiger of Sweden Women.

Smart, technical and futuristic fabrics colliding with curved feminine shapes, traditional outerwear and tailoring tell about a women who challenges the old and shapes the new. The look is contemporary, strong and sophisticated. A look that mirrors the Tiger of Sweden woman.


Tiger of Sweden Woman SS18
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