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Greta Garbo must have understood that New York would offer her space to go unnoticed when she settled there some years after her early retirement from Hollywood. She bought an apartment in the exclusive Campanile building, at 450 East 52nd Street, and continued a life shrouded in mystery, avoiding the press and the public as much as possible, just as she had in her silver screen heyday.
‘Walking’, Garbo once told a friend, ‘that’s all I ever do. I walk the asphalt of New York.’
Garbo walked every day, and in the crowds of New York she often managed to go unrecognized. But there are images snapped of her as she walked the streets, waited at red lights or browsed the offerings in shop windows. These images invade the privacy she desperately wanted but offer beautiful snapshots of her in unguarded moments.
Greta Garbo always walked her own way, and her unwillingness to fall in line helped fuel her reputation as both mysterious and difficult. It took courage as a woman in Hollywood’s Golden Age to stand up for herself without compromise. And it took real courage to walk away from it all.
Taking inspiration from Garbo’s paired-back, functional and timelessly casual style, Tiger of Sweden’s FW´20 collection showcases a multi-functional wardrobe which seamlessly transcends from indoors to outdoors.
Blazers and coats are made from water-repellent nylon and technical wool. Packable windbreakers from rip-stop recycled nylon. Functional cargo trousers are paired with casual blazers, hooded shirts and jackets. These timeless classics demonstrate the idyllic combination of high-performance tailoring and casual functionality.
The colour palette imitates the rich tones found in Garbo’s Manhattan apartment, furnished with art and luxurious possessions. Earthy tones of tonal camel exist harmoniously alongside deep damson, bordeaux and brilliant blues, all contributing to a feel of indulgent timelessness. Prints such as the grid of Manhattan streets and maps of Stockholm and New York City intertwined make their way into the collection on both ready-to-wear and accessories, paying homage to Garbo and the streets she walked.
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